Miglena Grancharova
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Custom made painting

40х50 sm1000 лв
50х70 sm1200 лв
60х80 sm1500лв
70х100 sm2000 лв

The price is negotiable for larger works.

Deadline is 7-21 days.


Custom made portrait based on photo

55 х 46 sm1000  лв  
70 х 50 sm1300 лв  
100 х 70 sm 1600лв  

The price is negotiable for larger works.

Deadline is 7-21 days.

* Цените на картините по поръчка и сроковете за изработката им са ориентировъчни и могат да варират в зависимост от размера и степента на сложност.

Крайната цена и срок за изпълнение се определят след уточняване на всички детайли по поръчката.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order?
You can place an order through the form for contact (by e-mail miglena_grancharova@abv.bg) or by phone 0889230216
Do I have to pay in advance?
When ordering a work of art, it is confirmed only after payment of a deposit of 50% of the final value of the work.The remaining amount is paid at the completion and delivery of the painting.
How is the payment made?
By cash on delivery (when choosing a picture from the available ones) or by bank transfer (Miglena Pavlova Grancharova, BIC: UBBSBGSF, IBAN: BG27UBBS80021015790950).
How long does it take?
The term for making the picture is between 7 and 21 days.
How will I get my picture?
We can send you the picture by courier, with the option to view before payment. You can also get it from the studio by prior arrangement.
What type of paints do you use?
All paintings are painted with high quality professional oil paints.
Do the paintings have frames?
Some paintings have frames, but not all. For more information, see the page of the picture you liked, where it is described in detail.